The votes are in: Meet the Disrupt 2024 audience choice roundtable winners

We just announced the breakout session winners last week. Now meet the roundtable sessions that really “rounded” out the competition for this year’s Disrupt 2024 audience choice program. With five stellar sessions securing their spot among thousands of votes from across the globe, these finalists proved they’ve got what it takes to make things happen. You’ll take away that same can-do attitude and know-how by attending their roundtable sessions this October. Let’s meet the winners!

Enterprise GTM is broken — here’s how to fix it

Speaker: SC Moatti, Founding Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

The old tactics don’t work anymore. In an era where machines are bombarding inboxes with emails thousands of times a week, how do you break through the noise to make sure the right decision-makers are getting the message at a target enterprise company? Based on expertise and learnings from helping over half a million product leaders hone their GTM strategy, SC Moatti will lead this collaborative session exploring the challenges and opportunities of the enterprise GTM space. Founders and operators will walk away with the tools they need to start making real headway toward their enterprise ambitions.

Speaker: Prerit Uppal, Group Product Leader, Adobe Inc.

What if more corporate managers tapped into the same entrepreneurial spirit that propelled Tesla’s Elon Musk and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to success? Large companies, often overlooked for innovation, are actually fertile ground for it. Just look at products like Post-it Notes from 3M or the Sony PlayStation, which started as internal projects and grew into separate success stories as new business units. Best innovators create new enterprises inside large corporations.

The takeaway revolves around understanding the essentials of launching a business within a larger corporation and the actionable steps required to do so successfully.

AI models require huge amounts of data to complete a given task — but what if this data doesn’t exist? SandboxAQ CEO Jack Hidary and Breyer Capital’s Jim Breyer will discuss how AI and quantum-powered simulation generates the missing data that AI models need to accelerate drug discovery — leading to breakthroughs for challenging conditions like Alzheimer’s while reducing the time, cost and risk of developing new drugs. Jack and Jim will showcase how UCSF, Riboscience and other biopharma researchers are using simulation to turn molecules into medicine, and recent findings showing how simulation data is performing beyond our wildest expectations.

Shoppertainment 2024: The future of consumer and commerce

Speaker: Khanh Ngo, Monetization Strategy and Operations, APAC and MEA – TikTok

Uncover new insights that decode consumer behavior. What does this mean for businesses, and how can you thrive in this $1 trillion shoppertainment space?

Speaker: Josh Constine, Venture Partner, SignalFire

Sick of emailing reporters with no response and don’t want to cough up $15,000 per month for a PR agency? Lesson one: It’s about what audiences want to hear, not what you want to say. With the right mix of concise storytelling and data-driven content, you can learn to pitch press by yourself. In this roundtable session led by former TechCrunch editor-at-large turned VC Josh Constine, you’ll get the playbook for how to teach readers something while you boost your fundraising, recruiting, and sales. Ask your biggest questions about how PR works, and hear what red flags are getting your pitches deleted.