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Crypto: Expectations vs. Reality

Crypto may stand out as a realm of the financial space that holds its fair share of late-night advertising, building an abundance of myth around this new technology.

This blog is here to help cover some and probably provide you with some laughs from the difference between the expectations and reality of crypto. Let’s dive into the post now!

#1 Expectation- I’ll spend a hundred bucks and will be retired in a week!

This is for sure the most common expectation that people keep for crypto. With every great success story being spread across the internet to make others anticipate it is typical. This results in several people placing pocket adaption into crypto and anticipating to be millionaires and retire!

When the apparent comes up, and they do not get retired to their private island, without taking another second to think, they call crypto a scam and swear to neglect it.

We all have somebody in knowledge who acts this way or has witnessed one of these people in a post on the Reddit community forum.

Come on, if you’re one of these people, kindly get crucial, it’s neither happening nor going to happen.

Reality- Crypto is a typical investment instrument, where some win and others lose

Whereas the reality against the above expectation is that crypto is an investment, just similar to real estate and government bonds. Any sensible individual does not hope to become an overnight millionaire by means of these securities, so why should crypto be any distinct?

Due diligence is needed to get the best returns, along with sensible expectations and perseverance. If these are not there, only apparent luck fate will halt you from losing everything.

#2 Expectation- Crypto is a fraud, I won’t go near it

People hold a habit of recalling lies quite well, and this is highly obvious in crypto. People do not perceive something, so other than trying to discover it, they instantly discover a cause to justify their unawareness.

To say in a single sentence, like ‘it’s a pyramid scheme’, is all they require to win over the world of crypto.

If they get to hear even one ‘expert’ claim that Bitcoin is going to cipher, that’s all the proof they require, even if they do not comprehend the arguments, or know what he is an expert into.

Reality- There are some frauds, but there are also several phenomenal projects!

There are a few fake artists who try to make a token to pump and dump. Yet, for the core part, people across the globe, if the crypto world is passionate about their projects and giving a product to the world that sums value, i.e., PlatinX.

If you engage some due care and not just listen to the marketing, you’ll also be able to ignore these scams for sure and aim at the projects of the future.

#3 Expectation- the down the tokens rate, the more profit

A misconception of many novice individuals to the space of finance is failing to contemplate in percentages, along with being overly positive.

They contemplate if something is a one-thousandth dollar; it gets simpler for it to duplicate than say, a token at $10 when the market cap values more.

This is obvious with the hype of PlatinX, with many trusting that how cost-effective it is, it is undoubtedly that it will get doubled.

People are waiting to see how this will play out.

Reality- Supply and demand matter much more than a token’s rate

For those of our audience who are graced with some of the fundamental economics knowledge, they’ll get this, supply and demand rule on prices, and not how simple it looks for a token to double.

The End Line

To wrap it up, some lessons can only be learned along with time, a textbook, and a truth check. This can stand out as a crucial road barrier for some.

Thanks for reading the blog! We hope you leave this blog more educated. Moreover, to grab your free 100 PTX tokens, simply click here, or to know or invest more across PlatinX, you can head towards our social handles.