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Did you know these easy and smart ways to choose the best crypto?

You may be amazed to know that there are over 6,000 cryptos that are being traded actively today! So, how to pick good crypto? If you said guesswork, you don’t stand alone. But, contrarily, that is not the right means to carry it out.

If you’re making an investment into a crypto-asset, ensure to figure out the reasons on the why factor or you’ll embrace a huge risk!

In this certain guide, we’ve covered 5 easy and smart ways to choose the best crypto. No matter what, you will thank us eventually after undergoing this blog. Let’s plunge into the sea now!


  1. The Community

  • One notable proportion of a crypto asset’s success is its following. Thus, look out for crypto assets having strong communities and loyal followers as that demonstrate that people have a genuine interest and faith in the crypto asset.
  • Undergo some social channels and some of the feedback from their communities. You will comprehend, what they’re saying about your future asset.
  • If you’re into a complex scenario about the tokens, turning around forums and checking out the community on big crypto-crowded platforms like Reddit and Twitter is a smart way to perceive the hype behind an asset and whether you should invest or not.
  • You can also get on social platforms that some of the tougher and technical concepts get split frequently and explained easily in these forums.
  • Crypto asset communities that are bigger usually have very active communities, but even the communities with fewer people are very handy and usually grateful to answer any questions.
  • So if you require some sort of facilitation, comprehending how the process functions, the technology, etc., their community stands out to be a great place to commence.


  1. Fundamental Evaluation

  • ‘Fundamental evaluation’ simply refers to the basics of an investment – their tandem, their aspirations, their strengths, etc. In case, you’re new to the crypto world, do not worry about the technical aspects!
  • Eventually, in the long term, fundamental evaluation is going to facilitate you just as much as technical evaluation.
  • So perceiving how to perform foundational evaluation will facilitate you in making better investment decisions.
  • Moreover, in a market where the majority of the people are chasing after low-quality tokens, fundamental evaluation enables you to segregate the wheat from the chaff.


  1. The Team

  • Another notable, easy, and smart way to carry out the study of choosing the best crypto asset is that you can study the team.
  • As a matter of fact, studying and checking the team behind a crypto asset is one of the most vital elements you can explore.
  • Some of the aspects that you can consider evaluating are as follows:
  • Who is there behind the crypto asset?
  • Does your inner trust in their proficiency?
  • Are they determined?
  • Do they hold a proven track record of success?
  • These are all the vital questions when you determine which crypto asset to invest in – since a team holds the power to lead them to success or failure.
  • PlatinX is a great model of a crypto asset company with a robust tandem. They are among the crypto token entities that hold a proven track record of growing successful technology.
  1. The Technology

  • A substantial part of a crypto asset’s success is the foundational technology:
  • You are required to perceive, how it is going to carry out against their competitors – and what turns the technology stick out from the crowd. Seek the big innovators, that is to say, the crypto assets that will entirely disrupt their segment.
  • For instance, let’s take PlatinX.
  • Now PlatinX is one of the best crypto assets (as per the technology) thanks to:
  • Smart contracts – This is a class of technology that assists the exchange of anything of value. It is a bit technical, yet, you can understand it once you study about it.
  • PlatinX is backed by the most secured, simplified, and reliable blockchain technology of the world viz. Binance (BNB).
  • Moreover, it is structured to simplify for developers to incorporate the blockchain with their own applications potentially.
  • Binance Coin (BNB) Blockchain Technology – This technology turns it simpler for the developers to build applications to a bigger extent.
  • Since PlatinX is supported with such an innovative and highly secured technology, in very recent years, it is quickly going to turn out as the biggest crypto asset in the world and that is even what PlatinX aims for.


  1. ​The White Paper

  • Each time a new crypto asset gets launched, they are generally brought out on a white paper too. This outlines the objective of the token, its technology, its processing and its overall vision.
  • A white paper sticks out as one the ideal places to assess the foundations of a crypto token viz. and you should never make an investment into anything until you’ve studied their white paper.
  • You might be required to undergo a little technical jargon in the white paper, but do not let that postpone you. It is for sure that it will stick out to be worth reading since it is such a rich source for insights.
  • In addition to this, the more white papers you study, the better you will become at recognizing the long-term winners.
  • A white paper can also state to you the professionalism of a certain crypto asset and its credibility.

Following are some of the red flags that you can look upon:

  • Is the particular crypto asset encouraging something impractical?
  • Is the white paper aspiring in terms of its overall goals?
  • Is there any sort of grammar mistakes? If there are so many, this demonstrates a big red flag! An entity that cannot invest their time into making their white paper right, they are probably not serious about their future.


The Bottom Line

To conclude, while there are no definite safe bets’ in the crypto segment, this certain guide will really facilitate you to choose a robust investment with stringent foundations. While examining the social status of a crypto asset, you must check out its presence and engagement on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.